Create Stone & Texture Wall Finishes: Sedona Collection

6 Inspiring Trowel Applied Finishes that Offer a Relaxed, Modern Vibe

Sedona is an uplifting yet relaxed Arizona city, with ample rust-colored canyons and blue skies nestled amidst a gorgeous landscape. Its natural beauty has inspired artist Robin Belisle to create six decorative paint finishes that bring a laid-back, elegant feel to any space. She says, “You can’t see it and not be impacted creatively!” These beautiful, on trend finishes add a fresh, modern vibe to both your portfolio and your projects. Each of these 6 finish techniques can be customized for any design style and adjusted for any color palette. There are many factors to consider for a professional, beautiful look for yourself and your clients, especially when creating custom finishes. You may be wondering:

  • What supplies do I need?
  • What kind of color combinations should I use?
  • Are these finishes hard to create?
  • And most of do I give myself the tools for success for creating a professional look for my clients?

The clean feel of modern design paired with warm, natural elements offer incredible style. It also allows for bringing the feel of nature indoors, strengthening the human-nature connection. These beautiful finishes incorporate these elements, and the strong trend of natural looking stone and texture walls in design. You may be a painting contractor looking to add these lucrative techniques to your service offerings. You may also be a decorative artist who would like to continue to build their portfolio with beautiful, popular finishes. You may just want to bring these relaxed colors and finishes to your own home. Whether creating for yourself, or working with clients and designers, there’s no time for quick YouTube videos or Pinterest fails – you need to know how to provide a professional, successful look.

Robin Belisle is a self-taught artist that began her decorative painting career in 1998. She has travelled to Italy, Paris, Morocco, and more to work on international projects and also to pursue her own education. These travels inspired many signature finishes, and is now teaching beautiful finishes, with step by step guidance, right from her studio in Michigan.

Here's what we'll cover.

By the end of this course, students will be able to create 6 stunning finishes and add these portfolio-building techniques as lucrative surface options for clients. You’ll learn 6 different finishes using a Sedona-inspired palette of rusts, browns, earth greens and blues, creams, and wood hues, and incorporating stone textures, Venetian Plaster, tile patterns, and more. You’ll also learn how to use textures with pro techniques that add a layered and complex look to your final decorative effects. You’ll be able to put together the right supplies and be guided step by step through each of the finishes, with top tips for each look. You’ll understand about creating finishes with organic, textural beauty using simple products and substituting the products with those available to you from where you live.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to learn how to create professional-level modern finishes, but don’t know where to begin.
  • You don’t have any experience with decorative painting, but you’re excited to learn!
  • You’re looking for a fun and transformative creative outlet.
  • You are looking to learn clean, organic, and natural finishes to help build your decorative painting portfolio.
  • You love the look and feel of Sedona, Arizona, and would like to incorporate that vibe in your home or as a finish option for clients and designers.
  • You’re wanting to add lucrative decorative painting techniques to your painting services.

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Course Curriculum

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  Organic Mudcloth
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  Sedona Canyon
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  Canyon River
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  Garden Wall
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  Moroccan Carved Door
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  Moroccan Tile
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  Final Thoughts
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Hi, I’m Your Instructor, Robin Belisle

Robin Belisle is a self-taught artist that began her decorative painting career in 1998 after an extraordinary encounter with a faux finishing class.

From there, she decided to become the best decorative painter she could be, and searched out award-winning designers and builders to work with.

She has travelled to Italy, Paris, Morocco, and more to work on international projects and also pursue her own education. These travels inspired many signature finishes as she continued to hone her craft. Since then, she has appeared in local trade shows and been featured in magazines and television shows. 

She began teaching in her own studio and throughout the US., and also joined the Board of Directors for the International Decorative Artisans League. As that chapter closed, she knew she would return to teaching, both with her online courses and hands-on training. She hopes to inspire others to pursue continued creativity and success.

Happy Students Are Talking

"Beautiful and well presented.”

- Ronit

"Her finishes, while appearing complex due to the beautiful depth of her finishes, are nonetheless easy to follow and duplicate, adding your own hand and touch.
I binged on the 6 lessons, but the nice thing is that with the online format, you can stop, restart, repeat , rewind etc at any time.”

- Anna

“Robin is refreshing and real! I’ve had the good fortune to take several classes with her over the years. She is not product specific yet is so knowledgeable about all of the different product lines. Her finishes are what the designers are asking for.”

- Beth

"I am very selective about the classes and instructors that I want to learn from, and knowing Robin’s exquisite hand and taste, I knew it would be a great addition to our portfolios to learn just about anything from her! After getting back home, I shared my sample boards with many of our interior designers and immediately booked jobs as a result of their loving the boards they saw! It was a great investment in our business. Executing the finishes was not tedious, but an enjoyable creative process, and to this day, the finishes are still timeless and a part of our portfolios! I would recommend to anyone looking in taking any online or in person classes from Robin not to hesitate!”

- Anna

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