Hashtags Matter

Want to know an incredible hashtag statistic?

Having at least 1 hashtag can increase engagement on your share by 12.6%. Hashtags are a tagging system on social media that allow you to categorize and search content easily.

You can find them in posts, stories, comments, and the social site’s search engine. Social Media shares with hashtags increase engagement and interaction with your shares, simply because they open your posts for discovery by a wider audience. This is why using even one good hashtag increases your engagement easily.

One of the more important aspects to remember is that while using industry hashtags builds your community, applying hashtags that your ideal customer is searching for is also key. Think about your ideal client and put yourself in their shoes. If they were looking for the services you offer, what hashtag searches would they use? If you are a locally-based business, also consider using location-based hashtags. So, Industry, Niche, and Location - these hashtag types are where you can start building your own personal hashtag library.

100 Creative Hashtags, 10 Creative Industries gives you usable hashtags to add to your shares. Use them to jumpstart a search for finding even more hashtags for your industry. We also encourage broadening and updating your hashtag library regularly. We hope these recommendations enhance your creative world!

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100 Creative Hashtags, 10 Creative Industries

Hashtags Matter. Having at least 1 hashtag can increase engagement on your shares.